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Call Us: (530) 247-3733

The Discseel® Procedure

Naturally derived, non-surgical, and minimally invasive.

The Discseel®Procedure is a naturally derived, non-surgical, and minimally invasive procedure designed to treat chronic back and neck pain caused by damaged or torn spinal discs, also known as annular tears.

This is an effective alternative to spinal fusion that has provided many patients with relief from back and neck pain. Using fibrin, a natural biologic, this procedure successfully seals and heals annular tears.

Through its use in this procedure, fibrin has shown to be an effective solution for treating tissue that cannot be sutured together.

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Pain Conditions Helped by The Discseel® Procedure

The Discseel® Procedure is a non-surgical option for treating back and neck pain caused by damaged spinal discs. The most common conditions treated by this procedure include: 

How the Discseel® Procedure is Performed

The entire Discseel® Procedure process has been refined into just four steps that are completed in just one visit. It’s the simplest and most effective option for treating back and neck pain caused by annular tears.

1. Consultation

During your consultation, you and anyone with you may speak directly with Dr. Workman to get answers to questions regarding the procedure. He will answer all your questions to ensure that you feel confident and ready for a successful return to activities.

2. Annulargram™

The Annulargram™ is a painless test that precisely identifies disc tears and leaks.  The Annulargram™ is performed during your Discseel® Procedure.

3. Treatment

While mild sedation relaxes you, and after your Annulargram™ identifies your discs’ tears, all fibrin will be injected into the torn discs to seal all tears.

4. Recovery

Fibrin’s binding ability allows your spinal discs to regain normal strength within 30 minutes, allowing you to return to your hotel or home by that time. You may begin light activity the next day, increasing by 10% increments a day until you’re back to running, golfing, and enjoying life, while fibrin stimulates tissue growth to complete the process of healing your spinal discs over the next 12 months.

How the Discseel® Procedure Helps

Through the natural aging process, spinal discs eventually develop annular tears. These are tears in the outer layer of the spinal disc, which may allow the nucleus pulposus to leak out. This leaking then irritates surrounding nerves, causing back and neck pain as well as other painful symptoms in the arms, hands, legs, and feet. Using fibrin, the Discseel® Procedure not only seals torn spinal discs to stop leaking and irritation of nerves, but it allows the body to generate the growth of new tissue in the spinal discs, restoring the damaged disc to a healthy state.