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Head and Neck Muscles Back Chest Abdomen Joints Pelvis Nerves
Head and Neck Back Muscles Chest Abdomen Joints Nerves Pelvis
head and neck pain

Head & Neck Pain

Your neck is made up of your cervical spine – the first seven vertebrae of your spine – along with bones, ligaments, and muscles. If there is an issue in any of these areas, you may experience head and neck pain.

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chest pain

Chest Pain

Chest pain may develop after trauma of some sort, it may come from the neck, or it may result from a degenerative spinal condition. We offer treatment for all of these possible causes.

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abdominal pain

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be felt in the form of aching, burning, stabbing, or cramping in your belly region, specifically between your ribs and pelvis. If it is persistent, you likely have already undergone a specialty evaluation for an underlying medical problem. 

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Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating, affecting your ability to function in everyday life or your ability to work.  The most common conditions that cause back pain each come with its own set of symptoms, which highlights the importance of accurate diagnosis.

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muscle pain

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a condition that affects the muscles and fascia. This condition usually occurs in association with pain generated from another source. 

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Pelvis Pain

Pain located in the pelvis can be a symptom of an infection or can even be caused by pain in the pelvic bone, nonreproductive internal organs, or issues in muscles, nerves, and connective tissues in the pelvis. 

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joint pain

Joint Pain

Joint pain can range from irritating to debilitating. You may experience a mechanical type of pain that can be relieved by not moving, or nerve pain that is substantially more unremitting, never reaches a comfortable state, and interferes with all activities, including sleep.

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nerve pain

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain typically follows some sort of trauma or is the result of degeneration of the nervous system. The trauma may be a direct injury to a nerve following an accident or surgery, or it may occur on a more microscopic level leading to complex regional pain syndrome.

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